Congregational Studies Worldwide

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Congregational Studies Worldwide
Thorsten Latzel, Gerhard Wegner (eds)

In the Christian churches, and in Protestantism in particular, the local gatherings of the faithful in congregations - whether in geographically defined parishes or in non-territorial, free assemblies - are of crucial importance. Viewed in a global perspective they offer an extremely popular format, and are growing - as for example in China and Latin America. In central and northern Europe, on the other hand, the tendency is rather for Protestant parishes and their congregations to be facing the threat of decline. What is the current situation of church parishes and congregations? This book presents research into this topic from all over the world. Among the countries represented are China, the United States (as the "motherland" of the autonomous congregation), Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavia. The researchers have identified and defined a number of different lines of development. People involved in the fields of the Sociology of the Church or of Religion, and indeed everybody who is interested in the future of Protestantism, will find that these afford some new insights into a familiar topic.

This volume documents a conference on the topic held at the Protestant Academy Frankfurt in 2016. Among the authors are: Nancy Ammerman, Mark Chaves, Eberhard Hauschildt, Hilke Rebenstorf, Jörg Stolz und Gerhard Wegner.
ISBN 978-3-374-04902-8, EVA Leipzig 2017, 330 pages, in English, €25

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